clockTown Clock

Developed as early as 1400 BC by the Babylonians, the water clock was created to replace the inaccurate sundial. Further developed by the Chinese and Egyptians, the water clock, too, had its imperfections. Water temperature and pressure fluctuations slightly impair the clock’s accuracy; nonetheless, it is a pleasure to view this interesting piece of timekeeping history.

There are roughly 20 water clocks on display world-wide, and only three known in North America. The clock is located adjacent to Town Hall on Commercial Street.

Railway Museum

Enjoy a free visit to the Memory Lane Railway Museum, where you can view hundreds of unique railroad artifacts. Items in the collection include model railways, railroad implements, antique station paraphernalia, historical books, manuscripts and pictures. The site also features several artifacts outdoors, including a trolley railway, gardens, a picnic area and canteen. “All aboard!” for a fun learning experience the whole family can enjoy.

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 2:30pm


museumAnnapolis Valley Macdonald Museum

See HERE for details

Take a step back in time with a visit to the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum.

Hours of Operation:

June 15 to Labour Day: Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 4:30pm. Sunday closed
Labour Day to mid-December: Monday to Friday 10:30am to 4:30pm.
Web Site
Research Library Hours: By appointment

Old Holy Trinity Church

As one the remaining thirteenth surviving 18th Century churches in the Maritimes, there is a real sense of history to be enjoyed visiting the Old Trinity Holy Church in Middleton, NS.

Some of the first Loyalist settlers to the area began clearing the land in the mid- to late 1700’s.  In 1789 under the direction of Rev. John Wiswall who is said to have been involved with the physical work as much as providing spiritual guidance for his parishioners, Church construction began.  On August 14th, 1791 the church hosted its first of many services.  Work continued until 1797 when the steeple was finished.

The simple white building sitting quaintly among mature oak trees and surrounded by a cemetery that includes some of the first generation of settlers in Middleton and area is charming to say the least.  While not a large building, the large windows (many with original panes) flood the church with light and give a feeling of spaciousness.  Over 200 years old and very little has changed.  Renovations and repairs have respected the history.  It’s a testament to the efforts of those early pioneers that a structure built with tools and materials available in the 18th Century stands so proudly today.  The original pews and pulpit, wide plank floors, balcony… well worth the visit!  And with a graveyard that started almost 250 years back, there are some interesting comparisons to be made to materials used and how gravestones have changed.

While no longer the main church of the Parish, Old Holy Trinity Church, designated as a Nova Scotia Heritage Site continues to be a venue for special services and events.   And in the summer months is open to visitors.

Visit the Old Holy Trinity Church website: 


swift2Chimney Swifts

Chimney swifts are well-known throughout eastern and mid-western North America. They are small brown-gray birds, seldom more than 13 centimeters in length, and have long, pointed, narrow wings. Their distinctive bow and arrow silhouette makes them easy to identify. The swifts possess a very irregular flying style which makes viewing their graceful aerobatics a beautiful sight.

In addition to this flying style, one will seldom see a swift resting on a branch because their tiny feet are not well adapted to perching, so they remain in flight from the moment they leave their roosting place in the morning until their return at dusk.

The swifts can be seen in Middleton putting on a show at the Middleton Regional High School. The best time to view the spectacular display is around dusk Mid-May to Mid-August when up to 500 swifts can be seen entering the big chimney at 18 Gates Ave.

Sports Heritage Wall of Fame (pdfNomination form)

The purpose of the Wall of Fame is "to preserve the history of sport in the area in written form and in pictures”.  People of all ages can see and read about our local sport heroes of the past and hopefully the young people of today will be motivated to achieve their best in sport activities.  The Sports Heritage Wall of Fame is located at the Annapolis Valley Macdonald Museum.

Middleton's Parks

Middleton features several parks for your enjoyment. The Riverside Park is a seven-acre public park along the banks of the historic Annapolis River. Stroll along a scenic walking path while enjoying a panoramic view of the river, gardens and maple trees. This park is also a wonderful place to have a picnic benches on site.

The Rotary Raceway Park is an outdoor recreation area that features a half-mile track, baseball and soccer fields, a basketball court, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, a children’s playground, and a pavilion which is available for picnics and gatherings. Located at the corner of Marshall and King Street, this park is perfect for the sports enthusiast.

Centennial Park, formally named Canada 125 Park, is a small, peaceful picnic area located in downtown Middleton. A pergola was constructed in the park to commemorate the Town of Middleton’s Centennial year in 2009.

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